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Hero Blast Laser Tag
Hero Blast Laser Tag


Hero Blast is a laser tag system thats fun for all ages! It is jam-packed with one-of-a-kind features such as a powerful speaker, vibrational feedback, full color touch-screen controls, a safety wrist strap, multi-function activation buttons, advance laser optics, a light up aiming sight, and gesture-based controls and functions. Players can even choose to be a Commando, Titan or Medic.


When booking your party, ask about our customized game features.

(Must be pre-programmed prior to arrival)

Her Blast Laser Tag
Hero Tag Laser Tag
 Hero Blast Laser Tag

Prices & Services


Accommodates up to 12 players

playing at same time

$400.00.....................1.0 Hours

$475.00.....................1.5 Hours

Price includes inflatable field setup

Additional units available upon request for $25 per player

Hero Blast Laser Tag

Action-Packed Features!


  • One size fits all design.

  • All-in-one: Tagger both transmits and receives hits

  • Wireless Vest with 4 hit points provided to all guests

  • Centralized Control station to quickly restart games

  • Light-weight (1lb 15oz)


Hero Blast Laser Tag
Hero Blast Laser Tag
Hero Blast Laser Tag
  • Variety of high quality engaging sound themes

  • Pre-defined color-based teams

  • Easy to join and leave games in progress

  • Stand-alone or ICE game control(Teams, Free-for-All, Domination)

  • Player classes with specific actions(Commando, Titan, Medic)

  • Hero Nation player ranking and achievements


New Industry-Leading Software & Gaming

Hero Blast Laser Tag
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